RS Feb11

The Rhode Show, February 11, 2010
sunset i never ? i never met a girl that made me feel the way you do, you’re all right ? . >> oh, man, motown, baby. this morning on “the rhode show,” dozens more cut from idol on group night and we have a surprise idol insider joining us this morning. ng>> and then in the latest eve digs of ben’s quest for love, he’s taking on speed dating, and — >> he’s tough. he’s tough. maybe too tough. >> well, we don’t know how it i went. he might have found a girl in time for valentine’s day. >> i’m saving you thehe suspense. us i did it. in the kitchen, we’re making ak sure your valentine’s daouy is e’ about of love, not love handles. gold’s gym is joining us j with a healthy meal that you y can make for your sweetie this weekend. >> rick, your phone isons ringing? we’re doing a sahow. do they know what you do. >> rick is one of our photographers here in the studio. something is buzzing. >> he’s



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