RS Farmers Market

What’s in Season at the Farmer’s Markets.
over to you. >> all right, thank you. a great resource we have here in the ocean state that a lot of us don’t always use are farmer’s say, this is a beautiful cornucopia we have here. i was mentioning to you before, i’m growing some tomatoes and basil. all i have to dos and incorporate them with you what have at home, right? >> there are a little over 40 farmers markets in rhode island this year. the is examples of what is at the market right now. >> tell me, what should i be looking for when i go to a farmer’s market? are there any particular concerns they sh in. >> are these plums? >> these are plums, red plums. try one. >> i’m going to do that. >> they are wonderful. >> is there a pit? like it when we are in the middle of august &it’s just freshly picked. so as you can see, tomatoes are coming in from the fields and documentary about food production in the united states and how we



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