RS Cooking RI Rocks

Rhode Island Rocks is a local chocolate candy that combines the salty with the sweet.
the kitchen where we go every morning and make something delicious. today it’s rock what? >> come on in here. i am making rocks. i’m eating rocks already, i have rocks in my mouth, that’s why i’m not talking. introduce yourself. >> i’m lucia. >> and i’m her brother tom. >> tell me about rhode island rocks, because these are so delicious. there’s something aboutt salty-sweet mixture. i’m not a huge raisin fan and i know raisins are in this, but there’s something about them mixed together with everything else that just adds to the texture of everything. who came up with this? >> mom. >> mom c ame up with this. >> about 20 years ago, mom came up with the recipe and she would make them and bring them to parties and people would always say lucia, you should make these. my mother was like, i don’t want to go into the candy business and lucia would m ake them, i would make them and wherever we



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