RS Cooking Pear & Blue Cheese Tortelloni

We’re cooking up some Pear & Blue Cheese Tortelloni in The Rhode Show Kitchen this morning with the Chef from Hotel Viking.
drive past. p >> don’t go crazy’t. >> to the kitchen we go with vince. >> we are going crazy. the chef with the hotel ve the chef with the hotel vehicleing in newport. kevin, you are participating in new festival. >> i am. >> what do you have with us. >> a caramelized pear and blue cheese tortelloni. a bigger tortellini. >> it’s bigger. >> yes. you are speaking my l >> you are speaking my language. >> brown but ter and pecan sauce. >> that will go over top of that. you already started somethingso here. >> i started making the pastang dough and incorporating flour into the egg yolk, one whole egg, six yolks. >> you make thisall by hand. >> all by hand. >> must take foreverus to do >> must take forever m to do that. >> not so bad. >> what are some of the ingredients. >> a little bit of milk, oil, eggs in here, flour, sa in here. >> over here we have. >> this is our filling for the tortello



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