RS Cooking PB Bones

We’re cooking up some Doggy Treats this morning in the Kitchen.
go into the kit ken right now where lily is cooking up some doggy treats. >> that’s right. this morning we’re doing things a little bit different, because joing me this morning is elizabeth perry fromaceie’s gourmet goodies, but there’s not for people. they look delicious. >> it’s actually, it’s a little warm in here. >> tell me what these are right here. >> those are justice’s he president he will bites and — pretzel bites, it’s whole whea flour, vanilla in there and then i chris he will carob. because dogs can’t have chocolate. it’s not so bad. >> i got a — that’s pretty good. actually, our interns already sampled this this morning, said it was etty good. >> they did. they were good sports. >> tell me what’s in it. we had the ingredients up a second ago. >> this is cinnamon, there’s just a tablespoon of that, i also used aluminum free and gluten free baking powder, ground flack seed,



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