RS Cooking Pasta With Tomato And Olive Sauce

Today in the Kitchen we’re cooking up some Pasta with Uncooked Tomato and Olive Sauce with Retired Chief Justice Frank Williams.
we’ll head into the kit ken. vince, what’s cooking? >> well, one thing you never mess with. one, a form chiefor justice, tw,o, former chief justicest with a big butcher knife. how are you stir?w yo >> i’m good. good morning. >> good to see you again. >> you’ve come back, this isk, theis second time you’ve been here. >> we’re g oing to make a pasta with an uncooked tomatoo and a olive sauce. we’re going to mix itt all together, throw some fresh herbs h and mixtures of a cup ofa of herbs, and then serveth it. >> so it sounds like s more of a o light dish.t >> it is. it’s a great end to the summer dish, with nativena tomatoes if you have any. this has been a rough year. >> it’s been abe little wet for it. >> some have good crops and others not, so — >> give us a rundown ofdo the ingredients we have here.er >> extratr virgingi olive oil, balsamic, and your tomatoes. the recipes calls for ni



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