RS Cooking Pan Fried Pork Chops & Summer Veggies

We’re in the kitchen this morning cooking up some pan fried pork chops and summer veggies.
>> do youou like pork chops? you will love what we w got. we have a bunch of other stuff. good to see you mouy friend always a pleasure. >> good morning. >> the ying and yang of thef cul cul culinary world. they make a special coffee for me. i love dunkin donuts. >> you are the big shot. you have aav bottle oftl wine? cost effective. beautifully complements what the chef will be making. m >>g. talk to us asbout what you gouot here. were are l aooking at the end of the summer which is unfortunate. everything in the garden you have to do something with it. h throw it altogether. we have beautiful pork chops we will fry them up likeke the old dies days add, onions, egg plant, summer squash mushrooms and onions. if you haveou green beans in b the garden. green bean and potato salad le the old school.d all of this will t be in the pan with the pork chopsrk? >>absolutely. >> what to look for.



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