RS Cooking Mini Clambake

We’re in the Kitchen this morning cooking up some Mini Clam Cakes.
and vince is therevi now.ow >> we’ree’ making something really fantastic how are you, sir. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you,. >> you’re all part of the newport mansion wine and food festival, correct. >> yes, sir. , >> you’ll be cooking y up there. e.tell us what you’re looking for us — cooking f-or usor tousday. >> we’re doing a d mini new england clam bake, in one bowl, we have grade ingredients, iedt’s beautiful local cauorn, actually grown about a half a mile from here, they serve potatoesto and then we have local shell fish as well. scallops, beautiful scallops ca sthis time of year.of >> those are huge.e. >> the shell is about that big. gorgeous steamer clams and little neck clams, all ecfromam fr rhode island. andd we’ve got some torizo andan glazed pearl oons, we’ll put it altogether and introduce smoke so you feel like you’re at a clam bake. >> how are we going to do this



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