RS Cooking Guiness Beer Battered Fish

In the Kitchen this morning we’re making Fish and Chips from Newport Restaurant Group.
fair enough. i hope to be there too. >> let’s head to the kitchen. little live is there cooking up something delicious. >> we’re here with mike ago conetta, with the newport group and i am very excited because i love fish and chips and we’re doing a different spin, because i see we have guinness here. how does guinness make the taste different than a regular beer? >> ’80s lot richer, a lot darker, you get a bigger flavor out of just the normal fish and chip batter. >> telewhat the ingredients are here — tell me what the ingredients are here. >> kosher salt, baking powder, cayenne pepper for heat and milk anwe have an egg which basically lightens the batter up. >> this is kind of funny potatoes. >> those are called fingerling o’pay toes. >> — potatoes. >> the reason we’re cookinghis is because there’s an irishfest going on nearby to one of your properties. >>e — yes, the newport yachti



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