RS Cooking Grilled Lamb Riblets

We’re in the Backyard BBQ cooking up some Lamb Riblets.
us. we are online, foxprovidence.com. check it out. we are going to the backyard barbecue where vince is makingin some lamb l today, right?ri >> oh, yes, i am. i am not making it. my friend steve pickman is making it. good to see you aggoain.ai >> good to see you. >> he has been>> here before and heck of a griller. foxprovidence.com. you can get it all online. steve, talk to me about lambab riblets. can’t say i have ever had them before. >> they are delicious. >> comeom over here, ricky. our photographer. >> it’s very tender young lamb.yo nice and marblely. so you get that nice kind of fatty flavor that really — – >> right. something you get in the supermarket or specialty. >> the supermarket.ke if you have ae good butcher, th e better. >> always the better. >> of course.f delicious. what i am going to do is smash a garlic and rub that garlic over them and use the garlic oil and with a



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