RS Cooking Boeuf Bourguignon

We’re cooking Boeuf Bourguignon in The Rhode Show Kitchen with Bob Burke from Pot au Feu Restaurant.
i cannot pronounce what we are cooking but vince, what are wewe cooking? in >> youou know, i can’t pronouncero this thing because it’s french and i flunked frenchfr in high school.. beef bourvinon.in >> close. snoop i’m inspector cluseau. >> bob here from port of — >> did i say that right? >> you did it beautifully. you’re such a nice man. >> we are going to open eye bottle of wine to help you out. >> i will be able to pronounce anything after this. >> it helps. wii going to talk about julia childs today. and it’s if julia was in the kitchen with us right now you know she would have a little bottle of wine she would be opening. >> yes, she would. >> and this morning we are going to serve the george — the g perfect autumn winpee and t one thaont will go great g with our dish today. >>antastic. >> you knew julia. >> yes. yule ja started coming inmi 1987 — julia. – and she becamesh a ver



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