RS Cooking Bison & Beef Mini-Burgers

We’re in the kitchen cooking up some Bison and Beef Burgers by Ted’s Montana Grill.
there now. i’m jealous. >> they’re not just any burgersur they’re bison burgers and if you’ve never had a bison burger, boy, are you missing out. they are fantastic and one restau rant that does a fantastic, it’s ted’s montana grill. good morning, gentleme mn. how are you? how is everything? >> how are you? y >> good. >> tell us a little bit about what we’re going to dong this morning. >> we’ree’ promoting our signature s tu dishes, which is,sh youis know, we’re kwenown for bison, so we split it up and ouran burgers, soge o we took ato bison and beef slider and if you don’t know anything about ted’s montana grill, we grind our meat fresh everymere day, our sliders e being served on basically a french bread, it’s double brushed with egg, and you know, sometimes briocheri is i served as sweet, our ss is more savory, less sugar. >> time for tme to eat. >> and we’re serving our sliders with



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