RS Cooking Backyard BBQ

Rhode Show Blogger Jerry is on The Rhode Show to cook his Rib Eye Steaks.
of a somber mood on “t she rhodshow” but luckily for us, s, we have jerry from the live b tloglo here grilling on the backyard t barbecue to brighten the mood and vince is with him n how. >> we have jerry, backyardky barbecue in live and in person, jerry hebert, how are you my friend? you have a couple of bloggers behind you. >> we have two of our bloggers. >> who are they? >> that’s otis ands that’s smoky. >> all right.ht hello, ladies. wave form the vecameram . >> hi. >> show us pie. you have pies. you have a pie. p >> jerry made this pie. >> what k ind of pie? >> chocolate. >> that chocolate pie is going to be dessert, because here’s the main course right here. re tell us what itt is, big guy. >> rib eye steak. te nice and marbleized. >> tell us about the a ingredients that will go on top of it. tell us — >> this is a special rub.. i don’t tell that to nobody.bo >> don’t rub that on



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