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show,” we’re hold ago blood driv how easy it is tois make a big difference in someone’s life and that truck is outth in the back parking lot right now. they pulled it right up, so we’re happy to have them. >> plus, we’re going to show you step by step, how to start come posing at your house and it’s easier than you might think. >> and in the kitchen, we’re cooking with los andes restaurants, with chef omarcuri. >> we’re not even inre the kitchench and she’sd already eating. >> what do we haveav here? >> i don’t know, but it’sut pizza, we also have ice cream. >> have you had a taste of the eice cream? >> no,>> only becaulyse i don’t ha dve ve an extra and.nd >> i’ll feed yl ou. >> pizza, ice cream, 8:00 a.m. c >> it’s also the blood drive, but we dot want to let you knowno if you do come to ouro studios os and donate today, there’s going go to be ice cream, as i said, newport creamery, yo



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