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The Rhode Show on FOX Providence.
>> live from lfr forks providence this is the rhode, show. >> and this morning on the show we are getting ready for the newport jazz festivall. >> you were not expecting that. were you? >> no. and we’ll talk to the actor playing budly holly on stage. >> and the kitchen weki are cooking with jason one of the chefs who will be atbe theat upcoming newport wine fest and is on then hit show hell’s kitchen. we will be making soft-shell crab with tomatoes. >> that sounds good ds to me. >> it does it’s i healthy andnd delicious. >> welcome to the show show. it’s friday august 6. elizabeth has the day off. >> i am a patrick little. it>> and we have folks at home know that danielle andd i have known each other and worked together at eyewitness news but we go way back.ay >> way back to when t we looked 13 on television when we started at a station in manchester, new hampshire. >> we worked up there



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