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? you’ve got to see yourself from the outside ?de >> this morning on “the rhode show,” a local group that you may have seen perform from around the state will join us to perform their song, don’t blame jack. >> the y were good. plus, lace up your sneakers an break out your air guitar, the rock ‘n roll marathon is coming to providence. >> and in the kitchen, like there wasn’t enough testosteroneou on the show alrhoeady. we have these two clowns in the kitchenhe this morning. ni tv maitre d’ joe zito and chef john granata from camille’s, they were making baked stuff garden peppers. find today’s recipe on line at foxprovidence.com. >> good morning and welcome to “the rhode show.” it is thursday, august 5, 2010. elizabeth is off today. i’m patrick little. >> i’m ben hague. >> quick, quick mention about the gulf yesterday. ben and i got out and played yesome golf yesterday, but ben has a new



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