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show,” we welcome the original pop princess, debbie gibson is on “the rhode show.” she’s talking to us about her new role in the role. >> plus, the show is onstage at the mgm foxwoods. >> that’s how i jump out of bed every morning. speaking of foxwoods, cedar steakhouse at foxwoods joins udss in the kitchen. we’ll be making cedar grilled shrimp and the t recipe is on line at foxprovidence.com. .c >> good g morning, it is, tuesday, august 10, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkin s.ho >> i’m patrick littlrie. >> i’m ben hague. >> diana have a chance to run into debbie in the hallway. >> tell us what she said. >> she didn’t recognize me, she said who is that guy, do you work here. he so i walked i out here, we change in between the shows and i walked into a dressing room we have and rarely there’s anybarody here this time of day, but me and my dressing room, so i walk in, like, oh, not often you see



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