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show,” multiple shark sightings have been reported in local waters, and this morning, we talk to an underwater filmmaker about — filmmaker about getting up close and personal with them. >> plus, they’re back on the top of the charts andof w ce’re giving g tickets away to the band train.an >> and this morning, we’re going to be grilling on the backyard barbecue making shrimp jefferson with the ironn works tavern, which i’ve been to. very lovely. find ndtoday’s recipe on line at foxprovidence.com. >> good mornin g, wemolcome to “the erhode show,” it is monday, august 2, 2010, i’m elstizabeth iz hopkins. >> i’m patrick little. >> i’m’m a slightly tired but energetic ben hague. >> we have a lot to get to. what did you do this weekend. >> i had a couple weddings to go to and a birthday party. i have a couple of pictures. we talked about connor’s eight birthday party lasbit week, so we had a



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