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rhode show”? hela, do youla like ben hague? this morning on “the rhode show,” i’m teaching kila the whale shall from mystic aquarium, the truth will ben hague. e.>> plus, we’re gettireng your dayay starteon the right foot. our friends at gold’sld gym are showing us how to make simple s and healthy smoothie.ea >> we’ll be in then kitchen today. y.we’ll be cookingwe withed montana grim. we’re’r making barbecue chicken salad. find the recipe r rotenone line at foxprovidence.com. >> so she wasn’t the same afteram that relationship. >> i know. >> you know what it i was, s whe he didn’t like ben’s new hairdo.ew >> she thought i was a shark. ha >> after you guysou broke up, she s gained 1100 pounds. >> i was like, i loved youu at 1,000, 1100 is a little much. >> good morning, m wngelcome to “the rhode show,” it is tuesday, august 10, 2010, i’m estlizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m patrick little, goo



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