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The Rhode Show, April 9th 2010
find the recipe right now at foxprovidence.com. >> mr. skwrao: i —- >> it’s ahi tuna. >> it is leahy tuna. i got ahead of myself. m >> good morning, it’s friday, april 9, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m patrick little.ck >> and i’m ben hague. >> what’s up with you guys. >> i am wearing a shirt that i got from my uncle who was in paris a year ago. ag i’m not going to lie, it was ironed. on >> but you didn’t iron it?on >> actually, i lied a lgain. it wasn’t ironed, it was brand new. >> ok. >> sometimes it’s been ironing, i just throw it in the dryer. >> i’ve done that. >> a wet washcloth. >> but i wanted toan wish my uncle a happy 60th, and actually, it’s his father’s birthday. y.grandpa joe was about a week and a half ago, a year ago today we were in paris, and it was funny, because me and myca uncle were driving to someolf courses out there while the gals would shop, p, through the most



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