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The Rhode Show, April 8th 2010
this morning on “tthhe rhode show,” love is lis what the idols need. i need a tissue. after a shocaking results show, spoiler alert, we are going to t tell you what happened.pp >> plus, bring out the phoenix ho cracker jack, because it’s opening night for the paw sox. we’ll take you to mccoy stadium.ta >> in the>> kitchen,it we’re makingg chickench spanikopita with ardeo’s. >> spanikopita. >> that was pretty good. >> sorry about s that. >> good morning and welcome to “the rhodehe show.” it is thursday, april 8, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m patrick little. >> i’m ben hague. bring those over, buddy. >> look at that. >> intern of the year. thank you. >> a lit>>tle something extra in your paycheck. there you 50, buddy. >> your y paycheck is zero. so what did you guys do with the heat yesterday? >> the weher. i got out of here at about 2:00 p.m. and went to federalal hill and did a



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