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The Rhode Show, April 7th 2010
? oh let it be ? >> oh, o yes, this morning on “the rhode show,” the top nine remain g idol contestants perform, taking on some beatles classics. >> plus, chaz is herise from talk about his upcoming performance. >> and in the a kitchen, we’re making potato encrusted chicken nbreast with lian’s restaurant. find the recipe and ingredients i on line at foxprovidence.com.ox good morning andgo welcome to “the rhode show.” it is wednesday, w april 7, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m ben hague. >> patrick is doing his civic duty, golfing today. >> supposedly. he says he has h jury duty. >> that’s tough to do. >> i like howw he has jury duty when it’s 85 and sunny. >> convenient. suspicious, maybe.ma but in any case —- >> thi s is as little different.fe >> it feels weird to have you on my left side. >> i feel very incompetent over here. i can see why pat is so nervous for every show. this s



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