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The Rhode Show, April 5th 2010
>> then the folks from rhode island monthly join us, to talk about the best breakfast spots across the state.he >> speaking>> of great food, this d, morning in the kitchen, we’reit makingki chocolateho drizzle bisco t i. that sounds sweet.ndwe the people from swiss bisco, find the recipe on line at foxprovidence.com. >> i saw that bisco t i, and it looks wonderful. >> i am still full from easter. >> i crushed at least a half dozen biscos yesterday at my house along with chocote cake and you’re a fat pig. >> why does that happen? >> it happened when i used to cover sporting events, you’d go to the media, the press box and they would serve food and no matter how much food they’d serve, you’d keepou eating it. when am i going to be full? why can’t that happen. >> your mother and mother-in-law are like eat, eat. >> benji, you’re skin and bones, tall and thin, i’m like no i’m not. >> but it w



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