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The Rhode Show, April 29th 2010.
show,” acountry fried night on “american idol.” ok, i see what our producer is trying to dodo there. it was a countrified night on “american idol.” there were only five contestants let and we’ll let you know who went home. >> were you thinking chicken? >> us a thinking chi ucken. >> plus, proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the treat. heather henson, daughter of jim henson, bringing herng puppeteering show to “the rhode rh show.” ow>> and in the kitchen, tv maitre d’ joe zito is here along with chef john granata. >> joe zito, i have a saying is gunning for patrick littlfoe this morning. rn he was telling me, i’m m going to tell patrick, this is an i easy recipe you can make forak your wife. good morning and welcome to “the rhode show.”” it’s thursday, april 29, 2010. i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m i ben hague. >> i’m patrick little.tt >> you’re back. >> my throat was killing meas yest



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