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The Rhode Show, April 27th 2010.
show,” how the girl scouts of rhode island are helping our troops overseas, and you might be surprised by the impact they’re making. >> plus, we’re head tore go gold’s gym to find out what makes a good workout for teenagers.ee >> in thee kitchen, we’re cooking with local entrepreneur, barry, as he brings his creation, the prep n’ pop salad. >> mr. skwrao: and you havee the prep n’ pop right here.ig >> i likeik it. >> what i think isth really cool, he came up with this, how many times have you saw such and such an invention would make things so much easier for me and then you see somebody else invent it and they’re the one making all a the money, so i’m glad to see barry blair invented the prep n’ pop. >> this is very, like, it’s got a grip on it — >> he used good material. >> that’s not going anywhere, my friends. and actually, he’s going to be on qvc with this. so we’re going to talk a



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