RS Apr26

The Rhode Show, April 26th 2010.
to b ed, because i played 27 holes of golf on saturday and then had dinner with theh late nighters here atgh the station. aaron kennedy and. >> tony? >> tony couldn’t make it. >> kathryn sotnik came out. >> we’re like ships in the night. i never saw you until all oa sudden you’re sitting next to me. what did you do? >> great weekend. started on fridaystd with ath little golf,, beat the boss in golf, which was fun. >> jay howell, our general manager. >> i don’t think you should say his name. >> friday nigh t we had a cocktail party, we didn’t, but griffith’s, one of the families of the hockey crew, we had a cocktail party, all the families from the org anization weree there, he’s hockey h parents. >> sans kids. >> no kids. >> i know about cocktail parties. >> that was friday night. on saturday, we had opening day for king phillip little league in bristol, the parade, the t pomp and ci rcu



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