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The Rhode Show, April 22nd 2010.
show,” we are celebrating earth day. live at save the day in providence from solar panels to green landscaping. we’ll share lots of different ways that rhode islanders are living green. >> plus, looks, good and dond good. how these t-shirts are helping h the environment. >> and in the i kitchen,it very ecofriendly,ri ted’s’s montana grill is here, making bisonak burgers, which our floor director is very excited about, and strawberryrr shortcake, which i’m very excited about. find the recipes on line now l at foxprovidence.com. >> hey, good morning and welcome to “the rhode show.” it’s thursday, april 22, earth day, 2010. i’m elizabethel hopkins. >> good morning, i’m patrick little. tt we’re missingss somebody. >> we are missing somebody. did you bring him back from the golf course yesterday or what? >> he’s not hereer and i couldld very easily say i destroyed him on the golf course yeste



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