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The Rhode Show, April 20th 2010
show,” who’s ready to do a little shopping? we’re hitting the streets of providence to find unique pieces that you literally just can’t get anywhere else.se >> sounds like you are. that woke you right up. plus, we’ll reveal the winner from our “glee” casting call, before the show’s producers hear the w inners sing for them. he’s going to sing a song, the winner is, are you with me yet? >> thank you, yoda. >> song he will sing and innd the kitchen, we’ree’ making salmon with flemings steakhouse.kh >> when you make a salmon salad, is it like a tuna salad with tuna on top o of lettuce? >> we made a salad once that didn’t have salad in it? >> like a buffalo b salad. >> it was like the bacon b salad, remember that. >> a slab of bacon with no salad. >> i rember that. >> it was delicious. >> it was. >> and i like — anything thatha we can call a salad. ad good morning and welcome to “the w rhod



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