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The Rhode Show, April 19th 2010
because the rhode show starts right n the rhode show starts right now. >> live from fox providence, thisth is “the rhode show.” >>> this morning on “the rhode show” the most affordable fashion of the season for your kids. >>> the rhode show is living green from beauty regimens to your daily routine. easy ways for to you go green. g >>> in the kitchen we are >>> in the kitchen we ar cooking with shrine asianan lounge kitchen and nightclub at foxwoods. makingma their signature skirt steak. get some goodom food and do some dance. the recipe right now on foxprovidence.com.nc >>> welcome to “the rhode s >>> welcome to “the rhode show.” i am eliza beth hopkins e.be >> i am patrick litt ile. actually ate there saturday night. >> fancy pants. >> what were y ou doi wng over at foxwood? >> well, on saturday, i had my first massage. ever. >> very good. go>> i never gotten one either. >> you haven’t



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