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The Rhode Show, April 16th 2010
dreams come true. we’ll introduce you tou come — some of the kids from children’s wishes. >> then the circus is in town, and we’re getting a preview and by clowns, we don’t include benlu in in this part ofs the clown session. >> and in the kitchen, it’s like christmas for me achnd my producer ashley, because we’re making scallop chowder. wd find the recipe on line at foxprovidence.com. >> good morning and welcome to “the rhode show.” it is fitriday, april 16, 2010. friday. good morning, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’mnd patrick little. >> i’m ben hague. b >> and i’m angry at the wt eather. . >> you are? rainy and not so great.re >> two days ago, i’m i worried about a sunburn and today i’m worried about frostbite. >> i heard michelle say something aboutth ice pellets and snowflakes. i’m all over that stuff. >> it’s quite the rollercoaster. >> i like that analogy. >> you left y the show



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