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The Rhode Show, April 15th 2010
high school, plus we’ll tell you how you can audition for a chance to be on the hit show “glee.” >> and in the kitchen, tv maitre d’ joe zito is long hereto with chef john granata. we’re doing a spin on aleo. >> and joe j is plugging his p cookbook there. >> you can get the recipe at foxpro vidence.com. >> welcome to “the rhode show,” it is thursday, april 15, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins.s. >> and i’m — [speaking in foreign tongue]gn >> that was a good try. >> now, actually i’m just patrick. >> and i’m ben hague. >> what did you guys do yesterday, with thiser beautiful weather? >> actually, it was great. i had a chance to play some golf yesterday with ourur friend, bob walsh, the head coach, and what was open better was bob is a better golfer than me. so i was a little l ruesty, whooped w him, and took $11 from him. the funny thing now about golf, with i go out and play, p by 7-year-old



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