RS Apr14

The Rhode Show, April 14th 2010.
? you’ve got me doing what you want me to do. baby, what you want mean to do ?do >> oh yeah. this morning on “the rhode show,” the idol contestants take on the king, elvis. but tonight, two people will go, so who is it going to be? we’ll talk about it. >> plus, we head to the kitchen to find out more about our local idol, shevaun magnus., au >> and in then kitchen, we’re cooking withth ted ‘s montana grill, making pecan trout. ut >> i’m i looking forward to that t one. >> have you ever h>>ad it? >> pecan trout, i haven’t had it. but ted’s montana grill, always a great place to go. >> good buffalo burgers. >> and a day l ike today, that’sha going to be a nice comfortable temperature with theh sunshining and everything, great time g to wander around garwaden city.d >> sho p at ted’s, and have a a burger. take the kids. >> i can just imagine taking pictures ofur himself in the gastus see bo



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