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The Rhode Show, April 13th 2010.
with a big smile on my face.. ? . >> it’s i back. the hit show “glee” returnsns on fox providence and we’ll tell you how to find a chance to be seen by the producers. >> plus you know what they say, there’s no pla ce likece l home. today we’ll tell you how to see parts of the ocean state tha ot you may have never seen herere before, even if you live here. >> in the e kitchen, weki’re making heart healthyal american chop suey. ey>> that is a very specialia guest, ms. we ndy curtis, who is cooking for us, because she has this very special recipe and i’m exci ted, becausete normally she’s behind the camera, getting out from behind there.he >> she’s multitalented.en >> and so are u apparently. >> good morning. welcome to “th e rhode show,” tuesday, april 13, 2010. these are the no bagel twists wi that d unkin’ doughnuts dropped off for us. have you had one yet? >> i have not. these are blueb



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