RS 20091218

RS 20091218
show,” santa claus is coming to town, and today, we are getting in the spirit, with another one of our 12 drinks of christmas. >> plus, here’s a great gift idea. chocolate. we’re going to be sampling some. yeah. >> so you know what to pick. >> can’t goan wrong. also in theso kitchen, newport n restaurant group, also can’t go wrong, we’reon making mg potato hash. the ingredients are on line o at foxprovidence.com. >> we talked about the chocolateer in there, we alsols have wine to pair with that. we don’t want t do leave that out as well. >> by the way what, is w this lobster hash, is it a s ide dish or a main course? >> i haven’t heard of it before. >> it looks delicious.. >> everything they makrye hat newport restaurant group is phenomenal. >> good morning everybody.ve welcome to “the rhode show.” man, is it cold. friday, december 18, that’s the good news,go one week away from christmas



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