RS 20091217

RS 20091217
gift-giving guide will help you pick out the presents for the young ones in your life from toddler all the way up to tweenager. >> and in then kitchen, tv mare d’ joe zito, chefch john granatagr ready too go. it’s what i lean back on when l i go to an italian restaurant like camille’s, chickenll picatta. ta get the recipe on line a t foxprovidence.com.xp i guarantee eyou, it will be good if you make it but it won’t be be as good if you g yo to camille’s. >> john granata is wearing a yankees christmas hat. >> i was goingas to say that. t.i didn’t know if anybody noticed that. >> etc. the offseason. we pickedd up lackey, i don’t y, want to hear it. i >> shawn plays. >> batting lefbat, outg. >> good morning everybody. e welcome to “the rhodlce show.” man, it’s cold out there. >> cold in he>>re. >> it’s thursday, december 17, 2009. .i’m vince dementri. >> this is cold in here. i’m elizabeth



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