RS 20091215

RS 20091215
tiger woods’ affair, or maybe the goslin’s divorce, which do doyou think is the biggest celebrity scandal of the year.r. >> 10 back to your whom day gift list. great giftt ideas for the beatty lover in on your gift list. >> and in the kitchen, we’re making stuffies, make it for f everybody in ery your y house. they will love it for christmas. >> or hanukkah.an >> i don’t think hanukkah has a santa claus, c but christmas does and you playedyo aythe role very r nicely. we all got gifts this morning.or >> you deserve it. it’s been a pleasure wor pkingur with a ll ofwi you this yearth and i wanted to show my appreciation. >> goodoo man. >> good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhode show.” i wish i had 200 million, or i would be gifts to everybodydy watching. it’s tuesday,, december 15, 2009, i’m vince dementri. >> good morning, i’m elizabernth hopkins. >> i’m nervous. a lot of people wate



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