RS 20091214

RS 20091214
on “the rhode show,” we’re celebratingeb hanukkah with a local jewish band and it’s music that we can all appreciate, no matterer your religion. >> plus, beating the odds,s. s.a local woman wasl a gr outlook and now she’s helping children.he >> and delicious hol aiday cooking ideas. you can get the recipes on line at foxprovidence.com.ox .c >> good morning, everyone.g, welcome to “the rhode show.” monday, december 14, 2009ec. i’m vi nce dementri.nc >> i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m shawnnd tempesta. >>. now were your weekend ’70s. >> i’m stillti brotheryro eyed from mine. i went home to new yorkk to visit family and we’re involved in a youth group and we did this d all nighter where you sta yy up and they have inflatables and you do a scavengerav hunt. i’m loopy a li ttle bit. it >> howow about you? y >> saturday was the wpri-wnac christmas party. rti had a ball. i didn’t win anything



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