RS 20091208

RS 20091208
sure you’ve got a designated driver. we begin our show with the 12 drinks of christmas. from now until christmas eve, we’re going to make a festive and fun, non-alcoholic drink for you and yours. .i was just kidding.id >> plus, we’ll be b talking to billy ray cyrus. achy breaky ache or miley’s dad, depending on which generation you’re in. >> oh,oh elizabeth. i’m shocked. >> we’re going to find out how h the cyrus family is spending their holidays. >> and in thend kitchen, we welcomeom back cafe nuovo, we’re, making lobster rolls, but this is not your average lobster roll. you can gou to foxprovidence.compr if you want to find out the he ingredients or wait about seven minutes. >> i didn’t know there was re something spec ial about it. >> i’m hoping for a little cream cheese. >> something t o make ite warm and gooey and yummy. we decorated for — i’m sorry to y cut you off, because i know



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