RS 20091207

RS 20091207
show,” it’s the season of giving and today, we’re w talking to the c.e.o. of toys for tots about why it’s more important than ever to give to those who are less fortunate. >> then,n, take me home tonight. we’re catching up with eddie money, who has actually spent his weekendee in rhode i island all for a good cause. >> we need a karaoke night here.ni h and today in the kitchen, retired chief justice frank jce williams is here ande we’re making scalloped people withop intellectual at a pay toes. get the — people with intellectual a t a people with intellectuals. — potatoes. get the recipe on line at foxprovidence.com. >> i always made them from a box. >> do it today, shrimp tomorrow. it’s p erfect. >> there you go. how is everybody doing? >> pretty>> good. how was your weekend? >> gusty winds first. w >> well, let’s say hello first. how about that . >> ok.>> >> good morning. welcome to



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