RS 20091204

RS 20091204
“the winner of…cheers(confetti)” (vince) this morning on the rhode show- our new co-host ben hague joins us live this morning on the rhode show! and we’ll take a look at some of the highlights tsfrom last night’s finale show. (eh) plus- we’ll ge t to a’l (eh) plus- chance to see ben’chs final assignment- before winning our search for a star! (ben) and in the kitchen- it -we are making holiday bread pudding with the folks restaurant- and you can find today’s recipe at ci fox-providence-dot com. (vince)ce good morning, welcome to the rhode show- it’s friday, december 4, 2009 i’m vince dementri. me (eh) good morning, and im elizabeth hopkins- (ben) and im ben hague- your mom was so proud of you- y (vince) your mom was so w proud of you- we chatted with her right after t you we announced the winner- let’s take a look at atwhat she had to say- “i am feeling so proud right now…so we riare



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