RS 20091203

RS 20091203
o this thursday. y.we’re going to get the latest from meteorologist michelle muscatello. >> but if you’re indoorse this morning, you should get yourself he a mug of coa and relax, because we’ve got a group of carrollers here, who are ready dyto get any to the holiday spirit . >> isn’t that nice. >> and also, get any to the holiday spirit, in the kitchen, tv maitre d’ joe zito is here along with john granata from camille’s up on the hill and they are making christmas eve spaghetti with clam saucei . can’t beat it. recipe on line righte now at foxprovidence.com. >> and they’re singing along to their own tune. >> don’t they always.al. >> good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhode show.”rh s it’s a messy thursday outrsut there,er december 3, 2009, i’m vinc 3e dementri. >> and i’m elizabeth hopkins. i h ave my sneakers on this morning. i couldn’t do theo heels today. >> i didn’t rlize your



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