RS 20091130

RS 20091130
typing. it isit cyber monday. we have adviceav from the f best person you can get advice from. he’s going to be here with the best deals online. >> that’s right. plus we’re going to talk to asen from “american idol.” >> and sean takes the kitchen on the road, and he’s making mg tuna with stone house this morning. >> he’s not here today. >> have you ever had that. >> i love tuna, so it willso be intere sting to see how they make it. i’m assuming it has crust on it. >> good morning. welcome. it’s monday, november 30.30 last day of november. hard t o believe. >> it is hard to believe.ie it’s like 50 something s degrees. that’s going toth change. >> that is going to change. sean is actually on o vacation this week. last weekee he — we’ll get to chicago weapon sean — chicken with sean in a little bit. >> we’ll see him h on tape. some say it’s better on o tape.ta joking. >> today is cyber mo



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