RS 20091125

RS 20091125
rhode show,” our final five rhode code winners are here to take their spin on thepi wheel and one luckye person will win a night out on the town. >> and we have a very special guest. santa is here and he’s making a grand entrance this weekend.ek >> in the kitchen, edgewood cafe is here making mussels zuppa andpa spinach soup as bell.h >> i noticedd santa’s elf was aas giraffe, a cleverly disguised giraffe. >> could be jeffrey the saving giraffe. >> good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhodee show.” it’s wednesday, november 25, i’mov vince dementri.me >> and i’m elizabeth hopkinsth.op >> i’m shawn iha tempesta. one month to the day and santa is going to be very busy. >>>> oh my gosh.h november 25. i can’t believe thanksgiving is already coming likemi tomorrow. >> and i i already have that like bloat from too much thanksgiving food because we’ve had so muchuc here. >> we’ve been prepari



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