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RS 20091124
us. >> i can hear her giggling inli the back. plus, this past weekend, we sent tom and maggie on a date, but did we make a match? they were here and we’ll find out. >> plus, in the kitchen, just because it’s thanksgiving does not mean that you haanve t pyoack on o the pounds. we’re going to make a healthier version of yourrs holiday favorites and you cante get some of their ideas on line at foxprovidence.com. >> the best part is, it t astes good. >> ok. >> mr. skwrao: that’s the worry, it’s the taste good. or if it tastes good, it can’tan be good for.oo >> thi s is the super bowl of eating. that’s what i want t o do. >> you can afford to do it. >> i can’t. >> you know i did look up the average thanksgivingksng dinner.r. 2500 calories. yeah. >> that’s a day’s wort’th. >> that’s as day’s worth. or >> and the problem is, there’s no gym open on thanksgiving, sog, it’s notit likeot you can ru



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