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RS 20091120
show,” “rent” is on stage at ppac and we’re talking to one of the stars. >> plus, vince, you need this, a guy’s guide to gift giving thisng holiday. jill marinelli is here to help all the men w ho al re going outng shopping this holiday season for the ladies. >> timeout. who am i giving to? >> to l ladies. >> to your lady friend. >> i just didn’t know if i was w giving to a guy oruy something. g. >> you have a lot of them, right? and in the kitchen,n, we’re making shellfish boullibaisse with stone house. the recipe is onis line so you can make it tonight and havean me over for dinner. >> i was just in the kitchen getting coffee and i saw, no lie — >> scallops. >> they’re huge. and he’s making for like a cafeteria. it’s huge. >> wait until you see all the people come out, right. >> i’m i excited. and can i have saye hello tolo niece and nephew, because they are at school right now and th



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