RS 20091119

RS 20091119
dancing. i’m so darn fat. i lost 40 pounds. enough is enough. i this morning on “the rhode show,” we’re g oing to be talkingng liveve toto e emeril lagassi, he’s headed to rhode isedland for a book signing. >> and where you can actuallyac watch a wheelbarrow race today. y. >> and in the t kitchen, we’re we gearing up for the purpose thanksgiving. it’s one week away and today we’re making two kinds of stuffing with tv maitre d’ chef john granata and joe zito. >> good morning everybody.mo it’s thursday , november 19, 2009. i’m vince dementri. >> and i’m elizabeth hopkins.ki >>>> and i’m naomi salvatore. >> there’s’s a special significance about this. >> it’s her birthday. >> it’s your’s birthday. >> happyap birthday. we got you a cake. >> is this what>> you do on live television? >> yes. >> this is the job iob want. >> that’s why you’re here.er >> i have toe say, you s look greaoot for 25.



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