RS 20091118

RS 20091118
show,” i’m talkingng to entourage actress, debbie masir, about something very, very personal in her family. a struggle withwi bipolar personality. on >> then we’ll lighten things up,p, look at tom inlo that leopard print. a lucky girl is going tog find a date with tom.h he didn’t find love on national tv, but maybeyb he will today “the th rhode show” style. >> and we’re in the kitchen, making nantucket bay scallops, with chef mike f rom the spiced pear. >> ben hague is here in taghe house. tell everybody how you got dressed this morning. >> i have>> to thank travis from the bana republic. ic i walked in, i was a blank canvas, i said help me, please help me. m >> it’s funny, because a couple c of our other “the rhode show”ow contestants had the same trouble, but they were women. >> the y’re all women. thank you. >> you look good. >> thank you. >> no you do, youou clean up good. >> shaved



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