RS 20091116

RS 20091116
the station night club fire will air this week. today, we’ll talk to his family. >> how about a view of rhode island that really few people get to experience. we’ll take you along for a bird’s eye view of the granite state. >> and get today’s recipe on line at foxprovidence.com. >> nicely done. >> it is that turkey time. only a couple of weeks away. good morning, everybody. e welcome tolc rhode. it is november 16, 2009, it’s monday, i’m vince dementri. d and i’man very, very angry todgray. >> oh, i think i have a feeling why. but we’ll get to that t in a second. i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m mariah sparks. >> first of all, we want to welcom e you to “the rhodeth show.” this is excitinthg that you’re in here fillinghe in for shawn. >> you’re one of our five o finalists. how are you fe eling?w is the heart pounding? >> ac tually, no, i’m very calm. i’m very calm.m >> you took medicine.



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