RS 20091113

RS 20091113
interdice you to the head cutters. >> then we have five more winners on today’s “the rhode show” contest. they’ll all win something. there will be one person going home with a brand new hd tv. >> we’re all winners in the tv today. you know howyo oprah gave away a car, we give away a tv. everybody gets a bowely of chowder. that delicious chowder recipe isip on line at “th e rhode show.” >> and you get a chowder and you get age chowder and you. y everybody gets a chowder. >> you can’t because youan’re not in the t studio, butdi we’llut tell t you how delicious it is. >> that’s a tease right ere. welcome to “the rhode show” everybody. it’s friday, n ovember 13. if you didn’t know.. 13th, get it. 2009, i’m vince dementri. >> good morning, i ‘m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m scared. >> are you? >> no, notot really. ly i was born onon the 13th, it was a tuesday, but 13 is a good number. >> for



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