RS 20091112

RS 20091112
watching “the rhode show” on fox provid ence. >> hey, phil. >> she’s waving to h ser son phil, who goes to brown university. >> that’s not him though. >> no. that kid k has universityni of delaware shirt on. >> has night, a local student took his shot at the ae wheel and today we’re watching up with him to see how he did. >> jean we’re talking to boston based comedian jason marcus before he takes the stage tonight atniat twin river for catching a rising star. >> in then kitchen, we’re making oyster rockefeller with matunek. i’ve heard theve world 90 9 times. i’ve never seen it in print.nt oyster bar. get the recipe on line atin foxprovidence.com.xp de i never see it in print. i >> you see y it in print but you vice-p resident heard it srdpoken. >> vice versa.e i’ve heard it spoken but neverut seen it in print. >> great theater down there. theater by the sea. >> i’m sorry. >> don’t be so



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